Keiichi Baba – Swing Journal [Japanese] GOLD DISC AWARD
“There are traces of Billie Holiday and Carmen McRae in her phrasing, and Julie London and Peggy Lee in her delicate breathing, which harbors a touch of sorrow….The very successful Japanese debut of an outstanding singer with a captivating voice.” READ

Ralph Miriello – Notes on Jazz
“One of the most natural voices in jazz today.” READ

Tyran Grillo –
“… a love letter to love letters — in this case, thirteen standards, whose contours tremble with renewal in her breath… from the Braziliana of ‘The Island’ to Souter’s drop-dead gorgeous rendition of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.” READ

Ken Dryden – All Music Guide
“… a formidable singer … gorgeous, natural vocals … spacious, lovely performance … at her most stunning when she tackles songs that one doesn’t normally hear in a jazz setting. Tessa Souter will win you over, as well, if you give her the opportunity.”

Victor L. Schermer – AllAboutJazz
” … highlights the talents of a singer totally committed to the art of song and who takes the listener to genuinely meaningful experiences and places.” READ

David Franklin – Cadence
“…one of jazz’s most highly acclaimed vocalists. Ordinary listeners and critics alike have raved about her lovely voice, her tasteful phrasing, her agile technique, and perhaps most important, her ability to convey the emotional meaning of a song.” READ

Italian – Musica Jazz magazine
“Crystalline voice” READ

Suzanne Lorge – New York Jazz Record
“Tessa Souter excels at creating mood … easy … inviting and utterly indolent … the vibe is so warm you can still feel the rays on the sand.” READ

Marc Myers –
“A gorgeous vibrato and a timbre that’s warm and sweet. And she’s one of the few vocalists around today who knows how to distill a standard, pop tune or rock ballad into a tasteful jazz rendition.” READ

Gigi Razete – La Repubblica
“A special talent.” READ