Donald Elfman – AllAboutJazz-New York
“Souter’s … rich, dark voice combines with her ability to see the shape of a tune and so the words seem to come from her soul.” READ

Michael Harrington – Philadelphia Inquirer
“On her amazing album Listen Love, she delivers powerful versions of nonstandards … in a crystal-clear voice with diamond-cut phrasing and a slight tinge of melancholy. She’s a gem.” READ

Tyran Grillo –
“‘Caravan’ glistens with Sephardic curves as it works its spell somewhere between sleeping and waking… Souter’s gorgeous ad-libbing lights up the night with dance.” READ

Victor L. Schermer – AllAboutJazz
“She makes the song her own with subtle shifts of dynamics, timing, sonority and phrasing. That makes her a true artist. And as an artist, she is an impressionist and a minimalist, giving the music a modern feel.”  READ

Announcer – WPKN-FM Radio
“The debut of an important new jazz singer … she sings with the authority and passion that usually comes from long experience.”

Announcer – WNTI-FM Radio
“Ms. Souter dazzles and stuns with her vocal expertise on a potpourri of classics and a few that she adds her own lyrics to. It’s a jam packed world out in jazz vocal land but Ms. Souter lends an innate musicality and tastefulness that separates her from the herd … Caravan is done with a gorgeously referenced Middle Eastern feel that sounds more right than the original. Pharoah Sander’s The Creator Has A Master Plan is even better as performed by Ms. Souter than Leon Thomas’s version as she makes the music and lyrics come together with added depth to the spiritual aspects of the piece. An outstanding new release.”

Rob Lester –
“… rich and ravishing … so assured, so comfortable, so in command … you put on and immediately think, ‘wow!’ and know you can settle back and be bathed in a simply beautiful voice possessed by someone who has learned how to use it … – she composes, too.” READ

Scott Yannow – LA Jazz Scene
“Not many vocalists can sing Jimmy Rowles’ The Peacocks with the beauty and effortless grace of Tessa Souter.”