“A singer with a voice to believe in.” MARLBANK

“Shimmers in the dark.” SUNDAY TIMES, Top Ten Jazz CD of the Year

Daring, beautiful jazz.” ALLABOUTJAZZ Bill Leikam

“An easy choice for the top vocal jazz CD of 2018.” NEW YORK JAZZ RECORD

“An outstanding singer with a captivating voice.” SWING JOURNAL, Gold Disc Award

“Astute and expressive.” NEW YORK TIMES CRITICS PICK Nate Chinen

“A beautiful voice and a beautiful soul.” SHEILA JORDAN, NEA

“Magnificent!” JON LUCIEN

“Unique . . . elegant . . . a voice that is both strong and sensitive at the same time.” RUSSELL DAVIES, BBC RADIO

“Tessa has naturally what people spend years trying to develop.” HOWARD JOHNSON

“Broadly imaginative.” NEW YORK TIMES CRITICS PICK Ben Ratliff

“Utterly compelling. Stunningly original.” JAZZTIMES

“A truly beautiful voice which she uses to uneatth and get to the core of really great songs.” SIRIUS XM

“World class. Must-see. Musical sophistication and the rare quality of authenticity.” LOS ANGELES TIMES

“A remarkable journey to the interior of the human heart.” ALLABOUTJAZZ Victor L. Schermer

“The words seem to come from her soul.” NEW YORK JAZZ RECORD

“Her instrument is one that makes lyrics come alive.” STEP TEMPEST

“Beyond breathtaking.” POPCULTURE CLASSICS

“Consummate musicality.” CHICAGO EXAMINER

“Scintillating … haunting … poetic” BOSTON GLOBE

“Striking, soulful, enchanting.” WASHINGTON POST

“An artist with the talent and the imagination to match her compelling musical visions.” IROM

“One of the most natural voices in jazz today.” NOTES ON JAZZ

“There’s something raw and real about hearing Tessa Souter sing.” LA WEEKLY

“One of the most inventive musicians singing. Bravo!”  ALLABOUTJAZZ Michael C. Bailey

“A crystal-clear voice with diamond-cut phrasing.” PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER