Chopin’s Prelude in E Minor


Thanks to you, I know that love comes true

That love, exists, it’s real  and I can feel it now

Love doesn’t only live in dreams. It’s here. It’s you

Out of a dark and cold starless sky beyond the blue

Believe that love just like a half forgotten song

That we both almost knew will return, to sing

In me and you

Copyright Tessa Souter, 2011


Song by Tessa Souter


You say you don’t believe in spring. But spring is love and love is in everything

Within the bare branches of December trees live the red leaves of fall

You don’t have to believe at all

A skylark rises up from the ground. It is singing but you don’t hear the sound

But that does not mean the lark’s not there just ’cause you’re not aware

It doesn’t need you to care

Warmth comes from the sun, wind blows on everyone

And the rivers wind even though you’re not mine

In the dark you don’t see me at all. When it is raining you don’t hear me call

But above the clouds of gray and the dark the sky is always blue

That doesn’t depend on you

Copyright Tessa Souter, 2001


Pat Martino’s Willow. Lyrics Tessa Souter


What if I became a willow tree on the banks of you, a wild river

What would you do if I fell into the dark of you?

Would that be too deep? And if I touched the very heart of you

Would you let me keep the tender moment when a part of you loved me too

I’m yearning for a deeper blue please let me run away with you to the sea

And if I should let a tender leaf go floating over you, a pale green dancer

Would I just sink or would you hold me while you danced with me

Lead me to the brink of falling deeper in romance with me

Would you let me drink of you until you were entranced with me

Dance with me

I’m yearning for a deeper blue please let me run away with you to the sea

Copyright Tessa Souter, 2002


Tomaso Albinoni’s Adagio in G Minor


Touched by the light that love makes  I find you in the darkness

Knowing the soft of your skin, feeling your heartbeat within

I’m moved by the hold of your hand, the warmth of a woman and man together

Wrapped in the quiet of your embrace, touched by the softness of your face

Watching the deep of your sleep, hoping that you’re mine to keep

Holding the love that’s been born up to the light of the dawn

Copyright Tessa Souter, 2011


Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony, Second Movement


Out of the darkness, shining above me, brighter than morning, you are the sun

Naked as music, gentle as rain is, you are the song that wakes up my heart

Prelude to the morning sun, you are the chorus bringing in the dawn again

Love is shining in the glorious morning singing in my heart

Copyright Tessa Souter, 2011


Borodin’s Plovetsian Dances


Would you come if I asked you to dance with me

To put on your dancing shoes and share a romance with me

We will move in time to our beating hearts

To a song that once it starts I know will forever entrance me

Swept away on silver-lined clouds with you we’ll bend the rain to purple, orange and lilac from blue

In your arms I will follow you to the end of time. And then I’ll dance with you again

So please say you’re ready to dance with me, to take a chance with me on our romance

Copyright Tessa Souter, 2011


Joaquin Rodrigo’s Conciert de Aranjuez

LISTEN (duo version with Freddie Byrant)

LISTEN  (full band version arr. by Joe Locke)

Come with me to a time that might have been

And all those moments that should have been

But never were to be

And words unspoken of what you were to me

And almost memories of nowhere scenes

Return, sing to me once more in a breeze

Come back, even if it’s only in a dream

And take a hand un-held in life of a girl

Of a girl with a dream of what might have been

Copyright Tessa Souter, 2000


Freddie Hubbard’s Little Sunflower. Lyrics Tessa Souter


Your beauty’s like the sun, it shines on everyone, little sunflower

A new life just begun, it glows in you, little one, little sunflower

Show the sun your smile, let its light guide us all

Let the love within you grow until you’re ten feet tall

You are a child of love sent from the stars above, little sunflower

A love beyond compare will show you how to care, little sunflower

Copyright Tessa Souter, 1999


Words and melody by Tessa Souter

LISTEN (ALBUM)   featuring Ansel Matthews 

WATCH (LIVE)  with Winston Clifford at Pizza on the Park

Flow into my heart your love is a river

Endless as the sea is my love for you

Love is forever

Mirrored in your eyes

I see my soul in you

Bless me with your body

Hold me in your heart

Love is forever  Love is forever

Join me in my journey  I give to you my hand

Share with me your beauty for a thousand lives

Love is forever  Love is forever Love is forever

Copyright Tessa Souter, 2000


Wayne Shorter’s Ana Maria


You are a night time shadow

Cast by the light of moon glow

Stars shine the light of a million dark skies, in your eyes

Then when the night is gone

You are the light of morning

Painting the dawn with red and yellow hues at sunrise

Pure as an April morning

Sure as the new day dawning

Wind whispering low what the trees know when leaves blow

That love comes lightly

Copyright Tessa Souter, 2005


Words and melody by Tessa Souter


All I knew, or thought I knew about you

How I paid love’s due without you

A picture in black and white of you

Another thing, you didn’t mean

Within two worlds I fell between

A secret that you kept from all you knew of what I was to you

A child of love you once embraced

A tenderness I can’t erase

A Blueprint for a love that can’t be true

The song of you still sings in me

A sad and lonely melody of all you were

And never were to me

Copyright Tessa Souter, 2001


Gabriel Faure’s Pavane


Reflected in the darkness of your eyes  I feel that I belong to you

Within the tender shelter of your arms I’ll always love and long for you

Lost within the deepness of your kiss. A wordless song of love in blue

I’m drowning in an endless sea of bliss where you are me and I am you

Copyright Tessa Souter, 2011


Brahm’s Third Symphony, Movement 4


Winter brings spring to me, nightingale sings to me

From the dark of the night comes the light of the fire

And the warmth of a new day to light up the dawn

Summer brings fall to you, hear my song call to you

In the blush of the morning the hush of the evening that’s fated

Has waited to bring me to you

It’s sunrise, the morning

A new love is dawning

Copyright Tessa Souter, 2011


Schubert’s Serenade


Beautiful dreamer your heart is a skylark serenading the dawn

Taking you higher than you ever dared

To dream of flying before

Reaching to the moon and stars the clouds go tumbling by

Leaving the rain behind

As you fly toward the sun the song of your heart is strong

A poem of love just made

Your beautiful serenade

Copyright Tessa Souter, 2011


Gabriel Faure’s Elegy


In the midst of every storm when all around you is cold and gray

In the deepest dark of night believe in the promise of a brand new day

It may be out of sight but keep holding tight today will turn to yesterday

Out of the sorrow will come tomorrow’s new life, new love, a new day

Then again by the grace of light we’ll dance in the bright of a brand new day

Copyright Tessa Souter, 2011


John Coltrane’s Wise One

Here you are at last

You without a past, I hold you fast

There’s so much I want to tell you

To guide and love you as you go on your way

You are wise, you love without any ties or disguise

But as we grow we unlearn

All the things that we know when we are born

Even though you’re small

You remind us all to heed the call

There’s so much you’ve come to show me

To guide and love me as I go on my way

It’s a beautiful world of which we are a part

But at moments it’s dark

And eyes can be blind

But you know how to see with your heart


Tessa Souter

Love came stealing into my song

Dancing reeling, all at once

Just when I thought you had gone

There were were shining in the dawn

It’s a feeling, a touch of the sun

Warming, healing

Now the long night is done

Here you are, you are my morning song


It’s the break of day

The promise of dawn

It’s a new beginning

All the birds are singing

And the bells are ringing

It’s the morning, the morning

It’s the glorious morning

Glad to be here

Warm and tenderly bathed in your love my dear

Copyright Tessa Souter, 2011


Blue and green, you turn so serene

In a universe of stars and other worlds we’ve never seen

Around you spin; the stillness within

Ever pulling me to the green and blue

The world of you

Copyright Tessa Souter, 2008


Leo Ferrer’s Avec Le Temps

I know with time, I know with time I will forget

I’ll forget how you taste, and I’ll forget your touch

The way it felt to be in your embrace

Your beating heart against my face. I will forget

I know with time, I know with time I won’t regret

I will feel no remorse at tasting your first kiss

The one that led to this, the closed fist of your heart

I will not miss, I won’t regret, I will forget

How it was at the start before hello and goodbye

I know with time, I will forget

I know with time, I know with time, I know – not yet

I’ll be glad to be free, to be free of your hands

And the smell of your skin and the hold of your arms

And of your love: the cage you kept me in

I know with time, I know with time I will not wait

For your touch on my hips or the brush of your lips

Or the soft of your hands, your welcome fingertips

Your sleeping back against my heart, my naked heart

Before you closed the door that was closed from the start

I know with time I will not wait

I know with time, I know with time I will forgive

And my life without you will be my life to live

And I will find a love that knows how to be true

And there will be a day without one thought of you

I know with time, I know with time I will forget

That the taste of your love was of hunger unmet

That the poem of your love was only in my head

And that love rhymed with glove and bed with dead

That the song of your love was a requiem instead

I know with time I will forget

Copyright Tessa Souter, 2008