With students at Tessa’s “Various Paths to Songwriting” clinic for Suffolk County Music Educators Association Day of Jazz

I love teaching and learn from and am inspired by every student. I am available for individual lessons as well as master classes and clinics via Zoom or in person.

Two incredible singers and educators have had a huge influence on my life and music. Legendary jazz vocalist Mark Murphy, mentored me in exchange for running his private lessons and monthly workshops for four years. I learned so much working with him one-on-one, as well as overseeing and partaking in his workshops for all that time and we remained close for the rest of his life. I was also lucky to work and study with the great Sheila Jordan, NEA, who first suggested that I should teach. Self-taught until my early 40s, the blessing of being coached by these two wonderful musicians was like putting on seven league boots. My job as a teacher is to help you to put on yours.

Teaching a master class at the Minsk Academy of Music, Minsk, Belarus

If you would like to schedule a lesson or have any questions, please email me at tessa@tessasouter.com