Cherepovets Philharmonic Hall

Cherepovets, Russia, Russia

with Daniel Kramer (piano) and Dana Leong (cello), John Stowell (guitar)

Time 6:00 PM
Cherepovets Philharmonic Sovetsky street, Cherepovets, Russia, Russia

  1. The Peacocks
  2. The Island Tessa Souter 1:04
  3. Nara's Song - Little Sunflower
  4. Caravan
  5. The Look Of Love Tessa Souter 1:29
  6. Usha's Wedding
  7. Love Theme From Spartacus
  8. Listen Love Tessa Souter
  9. Chiaroscuro Tessa Souter
  10. I'm Glad There Is You Tessa Souter 1:42